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Almost March, Spring is in the Air!!!

It's been an exciting week at Divine Times HQ. We've been reviewing some of our more popular products, and I must say, they are Divine :-)

Plenty to choose from and I'd recommend the Bondage Section, especially if you plan on seeing the new 50 Shades Film. I must say it's defo worth a date night to the cinema, we had such a good time when we got home.  Feel free to share you adventures with us via the 'contact' section.  Stay Sexy People and #divinetimes

Mrs P xx


New Site Launch! 


So here we go, the new website is live.  Its been a roller coaster of a week with getting all of the stock loaded onto the website, checking prices and making sure the pictures match the description... Wouldn't want a Rabbit Picture with a Butt Plug description :)

Going to spend the weekend trying some of the products with hubby, I'm a firm believer that you should have full confidence in your products, and if that means a few O's over the weekend then who am I to argue.  

Going to take an evening walk and grab a bite to eat before the naughtiness begins.  Enjoy your weekends people

Mrs P xx

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